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Cohort Experience 
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Level up your Processwork skills, supercharge your learning, enroll to become a Processwork Diplomate

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Enroll and access all Onboarding Activities including 12 hours Processwork Fundamentals and Cohort Orientation to decide if this is the right fit for you

Deposit fully refundable until August 31

Enroll with $500  deposit* first installment due Sept 1

*Deposit is fully refundable until August 31

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Bundle Offer $8,995

  • TWO Cohort Experience Intensives
  • 12 months Self-Guided Diploma Enrollment
  • Onboarding Activities
  • Final Project Group Coaching

Half Bundle Offer $5,995 

  • ONE Cohort Experience Intensive
  • 12 months Self-Guided Diploma Enrollment
  • Onboarding Activities
  • Final Project Group Coaching

Once you've enrolled, we will reach out to confirm your Bundle choice.

Flexible Payment Plans Available
First installment not due till September 1st

Onboarding Schedule

Included in all Bundles

Processwork Fundamentals (12 hrs)

get grounded or enjoy a refresher

  • Processwork Paradigm - dreaming process, dreambody, deep democracy, life myth
  • Conceptual Toolkit - process structure, levels of experience, channels, signals
  • Dreamwork
  • Symptom work
  • Relationships
  • Groups

Cohort Orientation

Diploma Dreaming and Practicalities 

  • What to expect and how to flourish
  • Learning Path Structure and Resources
  • Study Committee User Guide -  choosing your Committee members, and how to make the most of them

Experiential Training Guide

  • Innerwork and Relationship Practices for thriving in the cohort experience
  • Group and Individual Safety Practices
  • Trauma-Informed Learning and Self-Care
Lesson series

Cohort Experience Intensive
14 days In Person Training

Structured learning container so you can relax and focus 
Intensive community learning for the magic, mystery, challenge and joy
Offered twice a year (October 1-14 and April 1-14)

$3,500 tuition (stand alone price)

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Write your awesome label here.

Self-Guided Diploma Learning Pathway

Become a Processwork Diplomate

Processwork is more than a set of skills. It is a commitment to learning how to connect one’s inner experiences to the world around us. Engaging in the Self-Guided Diploma in Processwork Learning Pathway nurtures students’ personal and professional goals, and encourages the creative application of the paradigm in diverse spheres of interest.

$3,000 annual tuition (stand alone price)

Frequently asked questions

Are there any additional costs I should plan on?  

Yes. Additional costs will depend on where you are starting from and how fast you want to reach the diploma mastery standard.

Estimated additional study investment for the fastest track diploma completion (2-4 years) are $6,000 per year, but many students choose to study at a slower pace and choose the intensity that is right for them.

Core components to consider (fast track, high intensity example):
Supervision with Study Committee Members - 30 sessions annually @ $60 -$140 per session $3,000
Personal Therapy with a Processwork Diplomate - 30 hours annually (120 hours over 4 years - prior therapy within last 2 years can be credited) $3,000

Other costs include accommodation during In Person Intensives e.g.  14 nights @ $50-$140 per night - $1,400 and travel to Portland - dependent on home location - $250 - $2,500.

How long will it take?

Graduates of a previous two year Processwork training (e.g. MAPOF or Phase I of the Diploma) should expect 2 - 3 years completion time.
Students in the first phase of Diploma study should expect to engage on the learning pathway for 3-4 or more years depending on the student's pacing.  

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. There will be a limited number of partial scholarships available.  To apply for scholarship consideration, you must register with your (refundable) $500 deposit.  Scholarship applications will open July 15 and will be awarded by July 31st.  

Do I have to do the two Cohort Experiences every year? 

No.  You can choose to pace your Self-Guided Diploma learning pathway as it best suits your learning needs.  For example, you might choose one year of high intensity Cohort Experience learning, then take a lower intensity year of working with your study committee on other learning activities.