LIVE ONline Jan 11, feb 22, Mar 22, 2022

Death Transformation & Other Shore: Rebirth, Eternity & More
With Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob

How do transformation, death, rebirth, figure in our lives towards reaching 'The Other Shore'? Throughout our lives, we 'die' again and again.

How do we process the endings of: relationships, careers, communities, and our own personal health, physical, mental, and spiritual, especially in these times? And then, how do we proceed with what's next, to be reawakened, reborn, renewed?

Join us for Process-Oriented brain storming and heart sharing, Inner Work and consultation. Conaway Nesika Tillikum (Chinook Jargon for 'All Our Relations)

"Die before you die, so that when you die, you will not die."
~  paraphrased from the Quran

Tuesdays Jan 11, Feb 22, Mar 22, 2022
12noon - 2pm Pacific Time Zone
Living water, channeled by solid rock fate
What will I learn from this class?

1) Awareness in dying; eternal decision making, practicing right now, including both metaphorical death and medical assistance in dying.

2) Death be not proud; anticipating, preparing for rebirth.

3) The other shore; exploring other shores in ourselves, our relationships and our communities.

To ensure a safe and confidential space for learning, this class only available via livestream. 
No recording access to this class.

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He who is not busy being born is busy dying
                                                                                                     ~ Bob Dylan

Death, be not proud... death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.
John Donne (1571-1631)
Meet the instructors

Stan Tomandl, M.P.W, PW.Dipl. &
Ann Jacob, B.Ed.

Process Oriented Facilitation + Coma Communication
Victoria BC. Canada — Metulia, Lekwungen Territory
specializing in working, learning and teaching about
altered consciousness that comes during life's joys, grief, 
creativity, dreams, illness, trauma, memory loss, remote states, 
delirium, coma and other tender and strong moments
in our living and dying

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Patrick Jones - Course author
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