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Process Structure!

Tools for Awareness and Tracking

with Lane Arye Ph.D.

Join Lane to learn and practice how to map process structure. Identify primary and secondary processes to know where you are and where the process is heading.
Understand edges to better navigate and flow. Develop skills to quickly identify structure, form hypotheses, intervene skillfully, follow feedback, and unfold process wisdom.

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Livestream & Recording
Two hour training
Sept 20th
9-11am Pacific Time
Gain confidence with process structure so you can form and test hypotheses, make wise interventions, follow feedback, and help your clients (and yourself) unfold the wisdom of process!

This class stands alone but you can go further in Lane's follow up course: Process Structure Lab - Video Study to Deepen Awareness Skills through Practice (Nov 29 and Dec 13)
Coming soon!

Who is this class for?

This class is for therapists, coaches and facilitators with some experience of Processwork who want to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding and practice.
It is perfect for beginning students of Processwork and advanced practitioners.  An easily graspable deep dive!

Don't miss Lane’s unique take on these core concepts and skills. 

What will the class be like?

This class will be theoretical, interactive, experiential, and very practical. Using participants’ own sentences and experiences, we will discover together the complexity, simplicity, and beauty of the patterns lying just beneath the surface of everyday reality.

What's it like to learn with Lane?

Lane is deeply honest, beautifully transparent about his skills, his methods, and his limitations, profoundly compassionate, and enviably fluid. I especially admire his gentleness and his patience.
Lane is a gifted teacher, able to engage students immediately in the experience of what they’re learning rather than merely in the idea of it. His spontaneous, authentic, light-hearted style creates an environment of mutual discovery and delight in what emerges.
New information presented in a way that makes it possible to effectively digest and apply it. ‘Old’ pieces of information falling into places.

Experience Lane teaching ...

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Enjoy this fun introduction to Processwork!

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Interconnectedness and the Background Flow


Join this course to:

Understand primary and secondary processes so you know where you are and where the process might be heading 

Gain confidence with edges so you don't get stuck and can use them to deepen and flow

Discover the complexity, simplicity, and beauty of the patterns lying just beneath the surface of everyday reality.

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Meet the instructor

Lane Arye, Ph.D.

Lane Arye, PhD is a senior Processwork trainer and a founding faculty member of PWI. Whether teaching, working in private practice, facilitating community and organizational conflicts, or learning & training alongside social justice groups, Lane partners with people to help create more inner and outer freedom and wholeness.
He co-led a six-year UN funded project in the Balkans that brought together Serbs, Croats, and Muslims after the war to work with ethnic tension, post-war trauma, and build sustainable community. He does a lot of training and inner work around race, whiteness and resilience, and is a member of the Racial Justice Collaborative. 
Find out more about Lane
Patrick Jones - Course author

Important Participation Information

Privacy & Recordings

Workshops are recorded to provide on demand access and the opportunity to review and study deeply over time.   If you speak or show your camera, you will become part of the recording, available to other enrolled participants via the course site. 

Recordings are available for three months after the live class ends.


Courses are offered as a confidential, adult learning environment. Participant privacy and confidentiality is extremely important for everyone's safety and learning. Please ensure that you keep other participant's personal information private and confidential and do not share identifying details beyond the course participant group. 

Experiential Training

Courses are offered as a confidential, adult learning environment focused on personal and community transformation. The activities may elicit emotional and psychological stress. If you have experienced psychological difficulties either in the past or present that may impact your participation, please consider carefully if this event is right for you. While all care is taken to support individuals, each person is responsible for their own needs and boundaries. By registering, you agree to take personal responsibility for your experience and to seek out support if you need it. 

English Language

Courses are taught in English, with an awareness and sensitivity to the experience of those for whom English may be a second (or third or fourth) language. We welcome a multilingual group and ask for shared awareness of the challenges of using English when it is a second language. Participants should ensure they are comfortable with their own level of understanding of English conversation and instruction. 
Financial Equity
PWI recognizes the global and systemic financial disparities that unequally impact people's opportunities to participate. 

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