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Best Practices for Separation, Divorce and Family Life

address the challenges and possibilities
 when parents separate
2 class series

February 9 & 16, 2023

Dawn Menken Ph.D.

Author of 
Raising Parents Raising Kids:
Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation

This course will address the challenges and possibilities that relationships and families face when parents separate. We will particularly focus on how to maintain and nourish family life when children are involved. This class is meant to support parents, but also practitioners who are working with families that are involved in this process of change. There will also be time for parents and practitioners to get support for their situations or cases.

Class 1: Focus on Separating Couples
Class 2: Focus on Kids and Family
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Livestream & Recordings
4 training hours

9 & 16, 2023

2 Thursdays,
10am to 12pm
(Pacific time)
Attend live or catch up on demand with recordings

Recordings available for 3 months after live course completes

Join Dawn to:

Focus on Separating Couples (class 1)

  • Connecting with your relationship myth
  • The dream of family
  • Conflict work and finding your direction
  • Edges to splitting up
  • Evolution of relationships
  • Maintaining “family:” finding a parenting path together

Focus on Kids and Family (class 2)

  • Empowering kids in a powerless situation
  • The Impact on Kids of Unworked Out Relationship Stuff
  • Creativity and Family Life
  • New partners and extended family
  • Two Homes: Dealing with Different Atmosphere and Rules
  • Lawyers, Custody and Legal Agreements
  • Being with Feelings
  • Differing Parenting Philosophies
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Meet the instructor

Dawn Menken, Ph.D.

Dawn Menken has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a certified process worker. She is a therapist, teacher and facilitator and enjoys working with people from all cultures and backgrounds. She is a co-founder and senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute and has been involved in the creation of all of its programs, as well as other Process Work schools throughout the world.

Dawn is the author of Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands on Wisdom for the Next Generation, an inspiring and ground-breaking book for parents, educators and practitioners who work with children, that was recognized as a finalist for the best book awards.

She is the creator of Teens Rise Up, a leadership program that brings together teenagers from all walks of life and supports young people to develop their own leadership capacity and forge relationships across differences. Motherhood continues to be a big inspiration for Dawn and has informed her creativity in her approach to group work, social action, and creating world community. In 2006 she performed her one-woman show MamaSpeak, at a local theater in Portland, based on her personal journey and the universal mystery behind birth and the sacred calling to parenthood.

Her latest book, Facilitating A More Perfect Union: A Guide for Politicians and Leaders, received a best book award in the category of Business: Communication/Public Relations. In all of her endeavors she is moved to improve social discourse and inspire more meaningful civic engagement.

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Patrick Jones - Course author

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