Personal Transformation, Synchronicity and World Change 

Special Lecture recorded LIVe  December 2021

Dr. Stephen Schuitevoerder

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Over the last 30 years I have immersed myself in Worldwork, a Process Work large group social change model. During this time I cultivated my skills in facilitating large groups and applied my learning in a range of ‘hot’ spots around the world. I have worked with the United Nations in the Former Yugoslavia after the Genocide in this area, with race relations in South Africa, Aboriginal and White relations in Australia, with the First Nations people of Canada and many other situations.

Voices were heard in Worldwork that had not being able to speak before, marginalized people felt they had a home to come out with their suffering and ideas and some people felt inspired by the depth of the work. I learned a lot and worked on myself in order to be as effective as I could be both as facilitator and a person in the world today.
Over the last few years I felt I had reached a limit in my learning and went deep inside to explore what further learning might be possible. After some time, I had a profound experience/synchronicity that has further shaped my understanding and experience of what is possible if we are to grow in our Worldwork practice.  

A personal journey

In this lecture I will share my own experience of a powerful synchronicity and explore some of my deeper learning about Worldwork.

I am excited to invite you to come and learn these ideas with me. Hope you can join me!!

- Stephen

Free  community event

Everyone welcome

Meet the instructor

Stephen Schuitevoerder Ph.D.

Stephen is an international lecturer, consultant, and facilitator based in Portland, Oregon. Stephen consults, facilitates and has presented throughout the world including Japan, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Europe, South America and the United States. Organizationally he works with diversity issues, team building, system change, executive development and organizational conflict and has worked with organizations in many diverse situations. His portfolio includes work for the United Nations, University of British Columbia, Esalen Institute, Toyota, Citi Bank, Woolworths, Providence Health Care and many more. Stephen is also passionately interested in community development and social change and has worked on many issues around the world including race relations in South Africa, Indigenous and Western cultures in Mexico, First Nation people of Canada, the crisis of nuclear disaster in Fukishima and more. Stephen has a diploma in Process Work and is the former President and CEO of the Process Work Institute.
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