LIVE online January 10, February 14, March 14, 2023

All Around Death - Before, During, After
with Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob

Our souls grow through grieving and celebrating while living with death, tending mystical and mundane seeds that see light and water, perception and attention. How do each of us cultivate the soil that nurtures that growth? 

We will study the joys, deadfalls, barriers, health conundrums, etc. we may encounter while cultivating our living and dying.

Join us for process oriented heart sharing, conversation and community, Inner Work, and consultation.

Conaway Nesika Tillikum (Chinook Jargon for 'All Our Relations') - Ann & Stan

$120 registration fee
Living water, channeled by solid rock fate
Stikine River Slough, Water Going Down, New Land Forming
Tlingit-Tahltan Territory, BC, Canada

What will I learn from this class?

1) Before: Living with and Dying to Barriers and Issues around Death.

2) During: Learning, Suffering, Busyness, Alone, Altered, Centering, Joy, Mystical.

3) After: Journeying to The Other Shore: Love, Leaving, Staying, Hesitations, Communication.

To ensure a safe and confidential space for learning, this class only available via livestream. 
No recording access to this class.

Tuesdays - Jan 10, Feb 14, Mar 14, 2023
12noon - 2pm Pacific Time Zone

Financial Equity rate available - use coupon code FinEQSA to register with 40% discount  ($72)
Meet the instructors

Stan Tomandl, M.P.W, PW.Dipl. &
Ann Jacob, B.Ed.

Process Oriented Facilitation + Coma Communication
Victoria BC. Canada — Metulia, Lekwungen Territory
specializing in working, learning and teaching about
altered consciousness that comes during life's joys, grief, 
creativity, dreams, illness, trauma, memory loss, remote states, 
delirium, coma and other tender and strong moments
in our living and dying

Contact: [email protected]
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Financial Equity
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