Opening Dream Doors Creating a Sentient Body Practice
with Lisa Marks Fall 2023

Tools for Opening the Door to Dreaming

Thursday December 14th,
12 noon to 2 pm PDT

"Opening Dream Doors, Creating a Sentient Body Practice" is an invitation to explore our unique styles of stepping into the dreaming reality that creates this world. Cultivating a pause, the 30 seconds a body needs before it steps forward with its dreaming dialogue, is the first step.  

Channels, both occupied and unoccupied, are gateways to the underlying dreaming reality . Exploring amplification, we find tools to return to in our daily Sentient Body awareness practice. 

This is Process Work Psychology from the body's perspective. 
Everyone is welcome.

Creating a Practice offers steps for an ongoing Sentient Body Awareness Practice. Through short discussions, demonstrations, inner work and movement we discover our unique dreaming styles.  Inner silence delivers us to the edge of our known world. Inviting in new elements, through the dream doors of occupied and unoccupied channels and the process of amplification, we  welcome aspects outside of awareness for a more fluid and inclusive self. 

Curious about the body and its relationship to Sentience?

Interested in a Process Work awareness practice that rests on the body's subtle experience? 

Wondering how to open dream doors to engage the Essence level and Dreaming?

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These classes are for anyone who wants to know the mystery that creates reality and the body’s inextricable link to the dreaming background. 
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What will I learn?

'Creating a Practice' offers tools for cultivating the Sentient Body as an awareness practice in your daily life. You will uncover your unique style of relating to Sentience and steps to commit to this, nurturing a relationship that encompasses the Essence level, Dreamland and Consensus Reality. 


Discover how to create a pause essential to the body's wisdom stepping forward. 


Experience the magic of unoccupied channels, gateways to the Dreaming world. 


Develop the ability to identify dream doors at all levels, within the body at the Essence level, in our Dreamland and Consensus Reality worlds.


Practice stepping through dream doors, discovering the message waiting for you in the deeper dreaming of your body and the world around you. 

Welcome from Lisa

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discover how to step into our essential selves
"…Dreaming is sentient, preverbal experience.  …It is a kind of nonverbal knowing, a sort of feeling or sense that was there before the images or actions, a feeling that expresses itself in terms of the psychological parts and their relationship to one another.              

Lucid Dreaming or lucidity occurs when you notice Dreaming tendencies happening in everyday life."    
Arnold Mindell, The Dreammakers Apprentice

Course Overview

An invitation to step into our personal experience of Sentience

Sentience is our deep and subtle physical experience that includes internal sensations, vibrations, intuitions, and movement tendencies that usually unfold below the threshold of awareness.

Opening Dream Doors; Creating a Sentient Body Practice 

In this class we discover why a pause is essential for the dreaming world to enter awareness. We explore sensory channels to discover ways to enter an altered state that is the gateway to dreaming. Then we practice walking through dream doors to find guidance and wisdom for our next steps, which as extensions of the essence level dreaming us, are the next steps for the world. 

Sentient Reality, the energetic backdrop, is the mystery behind all of creation. Like the velvety night sky and stars that are always present, it is the back story to the Consensus Reality world we inhabit. The mind’s structure imposes everyday reality over the mysterious entanglement of electrons that manifest as matter, like the morning sun obscures the night sky. The thinking mind and personality can obscure our view of the night sky, of that background sentient field, but the body stays connected, tracking the background of matter through subtle and not so subtle experiences. 
Lisa Marks, Sentient Body, Sentient Earth
Meet the instructor

Lisa Marks

Process Work has been my personal awareness practice and theoretical home since I became a mental health therapist in 1990. At the community mental health center our children and family services team read City Shadows, which profoundly impacted our work. I met Arny Mindell in 1991 in Vancouver BC at a WorldWork weekend that changed my life. Our work together and the dreaming at all levels has inspired a personal awareness practice based on the principles of Process Oriented Psychology.

Process Work has informed my business as a mental health consultant with local school districts, Head Start Preschool programs, Children's Protective Services, and Domestic Violence agencies as well as advocating in my community for children and families. It is the structural bones for my private therapy, coaching and consulting practice. 

I completed the certificate program at PWI in Portland in 2007. The outcome of this was the unpublished manuscript, Sentient Body, Sentient Earth which inspired a body of teaching, the “Sentient Body Explorations”. My fascination with movement led me to Authentic Movement, Movement Medicine, Continuum, Open Floor and other movement modalities. To incorporate music and movement into teaching I became a Soul Motion® conscious dance teacher. 

Sentient Body explorations illustrate how the levels of reality are created through marginalization. This is Process Work from the body's perspective. We start with Essence level subtle signals and movement tendencies, discovering how Dreamland and Consensus Reality unfold from there!

Patrick Jones - Course author
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The Sentient Body Exploration Series
with Lisa Marks

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