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Dreambody Medicine Forums
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Community space to process experiences of body symptoms and their connection with larger cultural and social issues
All welcome. Free of charge.
These forums are for everyone.  
We welcome people with all types of symptoms and care providers whether family members in home or medical professionals, anyone with an interest in health and medicine and helping themselves and 

Dreambody Medicine Team

What happens at the Dreambody Medicine Forum?
In these forums we explore the link between individual experience of body symptoms with larger cultural and social issues. We bring an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity and enrichment and respect each person’s experience as their own.   You will have the opportunity to explore your own experience and learn about the social aspects of illness through sharing your experience in a group format. 
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About Dreambody Medicine Forums

  • Using Processwork, we work with symptoms following an individual’s signals in a non pathologizing, non interpretative way to find meaning in our experiences. This may help relieve the symptom and help us relate to our symptoms differently.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Dreambody Medicine Forums are meant to accompany, not supplant or replace, the participant’s medical or psychological treatment for their illness. These forums are an educational experience, intended to enhance personal growth. We encourage participants to attend these seminars with their physician’s or therapist’s approval.