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Philosophy Of Living… Eastern Ideas In Processwork

Anuradha Deb MSC, B. Ed, MA, PW Dipl. PM (ISABS), ICF certified coach

May 6 & 7 (Friday & Saturday)
10am to 1pm (Pacific time)
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Processwork has drawn a lot of concepts and ideas from eastern philosophical texts. Be it from India and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or the Zen Buddhism texts and allusions to Laotzse and the projective techniques like the I Ching, Process Work is rooted to a large extent in the mystical philosophy and texts of the East.

In this course, you will get a taste of the treasure in our ancient Indian philosophies and how to apply them in our lives. From texts that go back to 3rd & 4th BCE we will observe and experience the concepts of conflict, roles and fields that are talked about in Processwork. We will find new ways to process old perspectives, and understand current situations.

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"Texts that are present in our culture from three to four thousand years back retain in them clues and directions to solve or understand the present day struggles that we experience in our workspace and our lives."
Get a taste of the treasure in ancient Indian philosophies and how to apply them in our lives with Mumbai based coach and educator, Anuradha Deb, first Indian Processwork Diplomate, and founder of the Process Work Institute of India.
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This course includes four modules:

Life Roles & Dharma

In the first module we draw from the perennial psychology of the Bhagavad Gita to understand life roles and Dharma as well as conflict, detachment and equanimity.


In the second module we talk about Strategy. We draw from Kautilya and his famous texts to expound the very clear thoughts that he expressed again thousands of years back which are as applicable now as they were then.

Life & Rebirth

The third module looks at Sri Aurobinda and his precepts on life and rebirth. From the text named the Problem of Rebirth and others we regain perspectives about life and death and the karmic cycles that start and end as we go on through lives.

Integration /Application

In the fourth and final module, following eastern philosophical understanding, we draw together learnings from the first three sessions and relate them to Processwork to make a coherent story that you can apply in your personal and professional life. 
What will I learn?
The rich teachings in the Bhagavad Gita, Kautilya’s writings on leadership and strategy and Sri Aurobindo’s texts on Karma and the cycle of rebirth have been drawn upon to add to the understanding of our current life and struggles and towards gaining perspectives and redirection of reflective thinking.

This course involves experiencing and reflecting on the lessons taught in our ancient texts and connecting some of them to the life that we live now. Texts that are present in our culture from three to four thousand years back retain in them clues and directions to solve or understand the present day struggles that we experience whether in our workspace or life.
Meet the instructor

Anuradha Deb
MSC, B Ed, MA, PW Dipl. PM (ISABS)

Mumbai based psychotherapist and ICF- certified transformational coach, Anuradha Deb has been studying and practicing Processwork since 1992.  The first Indian PW Diplomate from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, she founded the Process Work Institute of India in 1996 with the vision of spreading awareness and education about Arny Mindell’s Process Work in India and surrounding countries.

Anuradha specializes in the areas of Organizational Development, Leadership Development and coaching and has a richness of experience that she considers rare and valuable in this field. Interweaving this experience with eternally applicable Indian and Eastern philosophical / psychological thought, she enriches the experience of leadership training and coaching. When not in consensus reality, she loves to dance, listen to music and wonder about life in general.
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