Processwork Fundamentals August 2023

Awareness Tools for Personal and Collective Transformation

Online INTENSIVE August 26-30, 2023

A transformational, experiential training in the fundamental ideas and practices of Processwork. Gain tools for personal and collective transformation. 

 With its roots in Jungian psychology, philosophical Taoism, and modern physics, Processwork is based on the assumption that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself, and that within the problems of today lie solutions for tomorrow. 
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Learn to follow  process

We are timeless, thousands of years old, and involved with processes which go beyond our present identity.

This gives us an eternal feeling but one which is realizable right here in the moment.

We are living in the universe, and what moves us is like the gravity field of the different planets ...
Arnold Mindell, The Process Way, 2020 
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 Processwork Fundamentals
Online Intensive 
August 26-30, 2023

Process Oriented Concepts, Tools and Practices

Dreams happen at the edge of our known worlds, and symptoms happen at the edge of our known identities. Unfolding and exploring these unintentional and unknown experiences is mysterious and ancient work. It takes skills and methods, intuition and creativity. 

In this experiential and immersive Processwork Fundamentals Intensive we invite you to encounter the powerful ideas and techniques of process oriented psychology.

13 online training hours over 5 days
Attend Live or With Class Recordings

Engage and Collaborate with a Group of International Learners
Renew Your Purpose and Gain New Resources
Processwork is an awareness practice that follows nature and the unique expression of what is trying to happen. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change, which brings psychology, spirituality, social activism, and creative expression together into a single paradigm. Processwork was developed in the 1970s and 80s by Dr. Arnold Mindell.

Dr. Mindell, a Jungian analyst, began researching illness as a meaningful expression of the unconscious mind. He discovered that the dreaming process manifests not only in night time dreams but also in physical symptoms, relationship difficulties, addictions, extreme states of consciousness, and social tensions.

The Processwork paradigm believes that approaching these dreamlike processes with openness and respect can lead to new insights and create energetic shifts that are vital for our development.

Processwork Fundamentals Intensive
 August 26-30, 2023

Financial Equity Rates Available (see below)

Gain Processwork skills
Resource the work you need to do

Awareness Techniques Designed to Connect you to the Meaning of your Experiences

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Go deeper into the things that matter

2023 Fundamentals Intensive

The Fundamentals Intensive Will Help You:

  • Explore the meaning of your dreams and body symptoms
  •  Discover unexpected and transformative resources
  • Cultivate the ability to find purpose in troubling experiences
  • Learn techniques to use the energies that appear in our
    dreams, body experiences, relationships and groups
  • Find your own unique dreaming path and purpose
  • Connect with colleagues, establish new relationships and build your network.

Follow Your Dreams, Connect to Your Potential, Deepen Your Relationships and Bring Joy to Your Professional Life.

processwork fundamentals August 2023

Learn From an
Experienced International Team 

Schedule Overview

All times listed in Pacific Timezone
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August 26 10-1pm PST
 Amy Mindell - Your Unique Facilitators Style
        Discover aspects of your special nature and the unique way you work with others

August 27, 9 - 11am PST

Anuradha Deb - Process Work Fundamentals 1
Processwork paradigm, Deep Democracy, life myth

August 28, 9 - 11am PST
Susan Kocen - Process Work Fundamentals 2
 signal/double signal/channels/levels of awareness

August 29, 9.30-11.30am PST
Dawn Menken - Relationships
Processwork fundamentals of relationship work

August 29, 1-3pm PST
Rhea Shapiro - Groupwork
Processwork fundamentals of working with a group

August 30, 1-3pm PST
Jai Khan - Dreams and the Dreambody
discover your deepest self through your dreams and body with Processwork Dreambody work

Experiential - Online - Immersive

Take Your Dreaming to the Next Level

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The Processwork Fundamentals Intensive
August 26-30, 2023

Space is Limited ...

Do I Need Any Special Background To Attend?  

No prior knowledge is required. This intensive will introduce you to a powerful transformational approach to working with our awareness, developed by Arnold Mindell, PhD, known as Processwork or Process Oriented Psychology.
  For more information, go to the About Processwork page or visit our blog to read diverse perspectives and applications of the work.   

Financial Equity
PWI recognizes the global financial disparities that unequally impact people's opportunities to participate. PWI offers equity options whenever possible. If you wish to attend but are impacted by financial disadvantage, please contact us via email at: [email protected]

Important Participation Information

Privacy & Recordings

Workshops are recorded to provide on demand access and the opportunity to review and study deeply over time.   Please be aware that workshops are recorded (except for break out groups). If you speak or show your camera, you will become part of the limited time recording, available to other enrolled participants  via the course site. Course site and workshop recordings available for three months after the live workshops end.


The Intensive is a confidential, adult learning environment. Participant privacy and confidentiality is extremely important for everyone's safety and learning. Please ensure that you keep other participant's personal information private and confidential and do not share identifying details beyond the course participant group. 

Experiential Training

The Intensive is a confidential, adult learning environment focused on personal and community transformation. The activities may elicit emotional and psychological stress. If you have experienced psychological difficulties either in the past or present that may impact your participation, please consider carefully if this event is right for you. While all care is taken to support individuals, each person is responsible for their own needs and boundaries. By registering for the Intensive, you agree to take personal responsibility for your experience and to seek out support if you need it. 

English Language

The Intensive is taught in English, with an awareness and sensitivity to the experience of those for whom English may be a second (or third or fourth) language. We welcome a multilingual group and ask for shared awareness of the challenges of using English when it is a second language. Participants should ensure they are comfortable with their own level of understanding of English conversation and instruction.