Experience Processwork

Dynamic Mindfulness

Explore recordings of Experience Processwork Dynamic Mindfulness practices presented by the PWI faculty, recorded live in 2021. 

Come discover some of the creative innerwork techniques Processwork teaches to help you relax and rejuvenate. You'll learn how to deepen your meditation and self-awareness practice through body-based movement and creative elements.

 Sessions include a guided experiential self-awareness exercise plus questions and sharing. 

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the Processwork Institute INVITES you to


A Series of Free Workshops Designed to Introduce
You to Processwork.


Three Special Sessions to Relax,
Rejuvenate and Find Your Creative Center 

Enjoy the Dynamic Mindfulness Series with your PWI faculty instructors:

Jai Tomlin

Kas Robinson

Suzette Payne

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Explore How Processwork Can Influence Your View of the World

Experience Processwork

Processwork guides you to follow your dreams, unlock your potential, deepen your relationships and excel in your professional life.

Processwork Can Help You:

  • Discover the messages and new directions hidden in your dreams and body symptoms.
  • Broaden your perspective by learning to better understand other points of view.
  • Find meaning in obstacles and disturbances.
  • Feel more connected to yourself, your community and the world. Be a part of something.
  • Enter altered states of consciousness and gain distance from your everyday mind.
  • Access creativity and play.

Community Welcome

These introductory webinars are designed for anyone interested in discovering and exploring a greater sense of awareness, transformation, personal growth and community.

- Discover and identify unexpected and transformative resources you can tap into.

- Explore the meaning of your dreams, body symptoms, fantasies and addictive tendencies.

- Learn more about your relationship style and find new ways for intimacy and connection

Ideal For the Following:

Therapists, Counselors, Alternative Healing Practitioners

- Broaden your toolkit with body-based, depth psychology and imaginative mindfulness practices

- Help shift your client's perspective from a victim role to empowerment by identifying with the emerging process

- Find out how to make your own perceptions and experience relevant for your client

Coaches, Managers, Team Leaders, Facilitators,
Org. Consultants

-Access innovative, nonlinear methods for creative problem solving

-Refine your awareness and ability to integrate new information

-Expand your teamwork toolkit with relationship and conflict facilitation practices

Community Activists and Leaders

- Encounter and work with new inner and outer resources for change

- Discover innovative tools for remaining centered and resilient

- Build emotional capacity and new practices for tackling burnout

Processworkers, Diplomates, Grads & Students

- Find community and colleagues to support your process oriented approach and practice

- Keep refining your skills and practice of process-oriented techniques

- Stay up to date and refreshed with supportive professional continuing education


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