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The Sampler Series

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2022 Sampler Series

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Philosophy of living
 Eastern ideas in Processwork

Anuradha Deb
April 21st, 10 -11am 

Get a taste of the treasure in ancient Indian philosophies and how to apply them in our lives. Processwork has drawn a lot of concepts and ideas from eastern philosophical texts. From India and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or the Zen Buddhism texts and allusions to Laotzse and the projective techniques like the I Ching, Processwork is rooted to a large extent in the mystical philosophy and texts of the East.

In this free webinar, Anuradha Deb will share learnings from texts that go back to 3rd & 4th BCE, and how they relate to Processwork concepts of conflict, roles and fields.

Leadership under fire
Dawn Menken
May 19th, 5 - 6pm

This free one-hour webinar will give practical tips to anyone serving in a leadership role to meet those moments of attack and criticism. Leadership is always under fire because ultimately the public wants good leadership. In addition, public dissatisfaction is a signal for each of us to engage in the development of our own leadership potential.

We will focus on how leaders can respond better to criticism to uplift their own message and facilitate social discourse and simultaneously encourage the leadership of others.

 Trauma and Climate Crisis

Ingrid Rose
June 16th, 10 - 11am

As the climate crisis is becoming more evident, many individuals and social groups are suffering the effects generated by an uncertainty in the future of humanity. During this presentation we will explore the concept of Trauma on both individual and collective levels and how we can view all this through a process-oriented lens. Economic disparities, injustice directed towards marginalized groups, and exploitation of the land and its resources, coupled with a global pandemic have contributed to increasing emotional and psychological symptoms.

Processwork offers us ways to explore challenges with the view that within each encounter with disturbance lies an opportunity for development and growth of awareness. In addition, we can harness something meaningful and useful when encountering obstacles through the use of tools and techniques found within the paradigm.

Drawing the Listening Body 

Lynn Lobo
July 21st, 5 - 6pm

Our bodies are sensitive instruments. We sense a world inside and out. The earth's dreams move through us. Our life is an earth dream, manifesting a reality through our perception. In this mini workshop, we will be tuning into our body wisdom to deepen our connection to our earth. When drawing we slow down and give space for dreaming. Process Oriented innerwork is a deep practice for our wellbeing and for the planet.

This webinar is ideal for you if you are:
  • interested in a process oriented innerwork practice
  • wanting to connect to your body and the earth
  • or if you want to include drawing as part of your practice.

Join Lynn for a taste for the depth and fluidity of process oriented innerwork.

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength, and Vice Versa

Catharine Macdonald and Maraya Karena
August 18th, 10 - 11am 

What do you get criticized for? Are you accused of being too slow, too messy or for daydreaming, not being realistic enough?

Whatever it might be, criticisms often point to our greatest strengths. Our gifts don’t usually come to us in a polished package, we may struggle with them for years. 
Learn how to recognize and appreciate all your characteristics. In this class, we’ll work with all sides of our strengths and weaknesses. We’ll explore a trait, and learn about the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Through this, we can make more parts of ourselves accessible.
This experiential class will give participants an opportunity to explore how going into a difficulty can unearth unexpected rewards. We usually avoid parts of ourselves that we are criticized for, or don’t like. This class will give people an opportunity to experience something they don’t like in a new way. 

Further journeys with the inner critic
September 15th, 5 - 6pm

Working with Long Term Inner Critics: Introducing the Elder

A chronic inner critic becomes a part of one's life journey. It is a negative voice inside us that just doesn't go away. It says: "You'll never be able, will always be alone, never good enough, never right, don't deserve any better."

Learning to work with these voices can change the quality of your inner life. This class is about activating the "Inner Eder", whose detachment, compassion, humor and power can be allies that bring new possibilities of relationship into your interactions with these negative voices. You can meet this Eldering part of yourself and experiment with the ability to shift your inner atmosphere, support yourself and in doing so, more enjoy this life we are meant to live.

Pease read my blog post in the PWI Blog, the EDGE:

Taking a Signal all the Way to Heaven

Lane Arye
October 20th, 10 - 11am

Signals (tiny bits of information) are constantly appearing and disappearing in our speech, our bodies, our relationships, our the world. We can work with them to discover their hidden messages. And we can take the unfolding process even further. This short workshop will show how to unfold a signal and then how to unfold the unfolding, until we take it all the way to heaven— to the deep forces that pattern our lives. We’ll discuss some theory, then work with someone, then debrief what happened. Join Lane to deepen your practice and discover the mystery behind everyday phenomena.

Trauma Sensitive Orientation
& Processwork

Mila Gaca
November 17th, 5 - 6pm

Blending and expanding your knowledge about ways of working within trauma sensitive orientation.

This one hour webinar will focus on discussing similarities and differences between Processwork and Trauma-Informed Care approach in mainstream social services and mental health services. We will explore the work in those contexts on individual, group, and collective levels. If you work in the mainstream, come and learn what Processwork offers; if you are a Processwork student or practitioner, come and learn about the mainstream trauma sensitive orientation. All are welcome!

This webinar is ideal for Behavioral Health practitioners, Processwork students or practitioners.

2021 Topics and Themes
Enjoy the recordings at your own pace


 Ingrid Rose

This webinar will offer an opportunity for folks to explore a variety of states of consciousness that are outside of our normal awareness. These are often ways of experiencing and perceiving that we long for and get to through such things as addictions, creativity, ecstasy, illness and near-death experiences. They also often happen to us where our tendency is to marginalize them as they are unfamiliar to our usual ways of being. We will be exploring through theory, demonstrations and exercises.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to a processwork application that includes some basic theoretical principles of the paradigm
  • Introduction to a range of attitudes (metaskills) valuable in working with oneself, relationship and world issues.


Lynn Lobo

A creative practice is ultimately a dialogue with oneself. Our life journey is a creative path and we develop skills along the way. We hold a space to connect to something deeper, hone skills, make a mess and find meaning. Process work offers us a method to follow the mystery as it is happening in the moment. This introduction to Process work focuses on channels. If you are curious about Process Work and want learn more, are wondering about a creative practice, or if you have an established practice and want to deepen into it, come and join in. You may also want to just turn up for fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow an experience through different channels of perception
  • Deepen an idea through adding channels of expression.



Having critical voices in our heads is both annoying and worse, debilitating. Why can’t these voices support us instead of only finding fault? That is the basis of our journey. Beginning with noticing and first contact, we will wade in to create relationship with these ornery characters that are, after all, a part of ourselves. Though they may not be the most attractive, you can learn to work with these critical voices, and with time and perseverance, they can change…becoming a more neutral critical awareness. This journey is definitely worth the time and effort.

Key Takeaways:

  • Raise your awareness to your personal process 
  • Discover and appreciate the differences between everyday reality and dreaming. Learn to work with dream figures and roles.  
  • Identify the distinctions between the dream figure (inner critic) and the energy it has (the power you need to manage it)


Gary Reiss

Each of us have central powers that get us through life. For one person it is their compassion, for another their creativity, and for the next person their ability to be confrontative. However other equally important core powers are blocked by family, society, and by unprocessed family and cultural history. For example someone is very loving as a core power but their powers to protect themselves are blocked off, so they are repeatedly wounded in this loving area of great sensitivity and strength. In this webinar we look at how to identify our core woundings, and how to build our totality shield to restore our connection to our wholeness.

Key Takeaways:

  • An introduction to the depth psychology and wholistic approach of Process Work
  • Practical tools for going beyond problem solving based psychological approaches to a method based on freeing you from the underlying patterns that create and feed those problems.


Lane Arye

Processwork can sometimes seem magical. There are as many things to notice in a person’s process as there are stars in the sky. But these bits of information group together like constellations. When we follow these larger patterns, we discover the mystery that is trying to emerge. In this class, you will learn to notice the deep structure that lies within words, movements, body symptoms and, really, all experiences. The combination of didactic and experiential learning, demonstration and discussion, will give you a taste of the elegance of process. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A sense of the mystery behind the mundane
  • A practical tool to notice the structure beneath experience
  • You'll witness (or participate in) a short piece of Processwork that will both demonstrate the theory and be moving and inspiring


 Hellene Gronda

Most of us have felt the desire for revenge. But if we act on this desire, we become another perpetrator.  What if revenge impulses were a way to reclaim our power? Can we use awareness to follow the process of revenge and break the cycle of harms? It is not easy, but the rewards are worth it and there are steps to help.  In this webinar you will learn processwork ideas and experiential techniques for understanding and transforming revenge impulses. Discover the power to communicate and the generosity to act for healing, change and repair.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the process behind revenge impulses
  • Connect to the power you need to communicate and heal

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Explore How Processwork Can Influence Your View of the World

Experience Processwork

Processwork guides you to follow your dreams, unlock your potential, deepen your relationships and excel in your professional life.

Processwork Can Help You:

  • Discover the messages and new directions hidden in your dreams and body symptoms.
  • Broaden your perspective by learning to better understand other points of view.
  • Find meaning in obstacles and disturbances.
  • Feel more connected to yourself, your community and the world. Be a part of something.
  • Enter altered states of consciousness and gain distance from your everyday mind.
  • Access creativity and play.

Community Welcome

These introductory webinars are designed for anyone interested in discovering and exploring a greater sense of awareness, transformation, personal growth and community.

- Discover and identify unexpected and transformative resources you can tap into.

- Explore the meaning of your dreams, body symptoms, fantasies and addictive tendencies.

- Learn more about your relationship style and find new ways for intimacy and connection

Ideal For the Following:

Therapists, Counselors, Alternative Healing Practitioners

- Broaden your toolkit with body-based, depth psychology and imaginative mindfulness practices

- Help shift your client's perspective from a victim role to empowerment by identifying with the emerging process

- Find out how to make your own perceptions and experience relevant for your client

Coaches, Managers, Team Leaders, Facilitators,
Org. Consultants

-Access innovative, nonlinear methods for creative problem solving

-Refine your awareness and ability to integrate new information

-Expand your teamwork toolkit with relationship and conflict facilitation practices

Community Activists and Leaders

- Encounter and work with new inner and outer resources for change

- Discover innovative tools for remaining centered and resilient

- Build emotional capacity and new practices for tackling burnout

Processworkers, Diplomates, Grads & Students

- Find community and colleagues to support your process oriented approach and practice

- Keep refining your skills and practice of process-oriented techniques

- Stay up to date and refreshed with supportive professional continuing education


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