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The 2021 In-Depth Dreambody Course

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2021 Dreambody
In-Depth Course

September 4, 11 & 18 & October 2, 2021
11 am-2 pm(PST)

A Powerful, Experiential Immersion into Process Oriented Dreambody Concepts, Tools and Practices

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Dreambody work explores the sensory-grounded, subjective experience of dreams and body symptoms using experiential, imaginative and hands-on bodywork techniques to reveal the body’s own dreaming wisdom. The Dreambody is a concept and practice developed by Arnold Mindell that invites us to explore all the various experiences that accompany body symptoms and health issues. Advanced training leads to the more complex areas of chronic symptoms, childhood dreams and the concept of the life myth; the unique pattern that reflects an individual’s self-development over time.

In this In-depth training we will study various theories and practice interventions that range from learning the Processwork approach to chronic and acute symptoms and unfolding sensory grounded information, to exploring Dreambody connections as they manifest in our bodies, dreams and relationships. We will also investigate and study how social determinants and systemic discrimination impact our health.


Amy Mindell - The Dreambody and Working With a Body Symptom

The 2021 Dreambody IN-DEPTH COurSE

Processwork Guides You to Follow Your Dreams, Unlock Your Potential, Deepen Your Relationships and Excel in Both Your Personal and Professional Life.

The Dreambody Course Will Help You:

  • Get turned on to the Dreambody! A new paradigm of how to relate to body experiences and symptoms. 
  • Learn the body’s language in how it expresses itself and gives us important information.
  • Learn how to live your life to the fullest by noticing your symptoms
    and unfolding them to find the meaning.
  • Transform burnout and despair by believing in and understanding body symptoms
    and dreams as messengers with a purpose, from our deepest self.
  • Believe more in yourself...based on body experiences and dreams.  

Work With and Learn From an
Experienced International Team 

- 12 Course Hours Over 4 Days
- Experiential - Online - Immersive
- Attend Live or With Class Recordings
-2 Free Dreambody Medicine Forums

September 4, 2021 - 11 am-2 pm PST
"The Concept of the Dreambody"
with Jai Tomlin, PwD, D.C.
September 11, 2021 - 11 am-2 pm PST:
"Exploring the Life Myth"
with Emetchi
September 18, 2021 - 11 am-2 pm PST:
"Dreambody in Community"
with Pierre Morin PwD, Ph.D.
October 2, 2021 - 11 am-2 pm PST:
Integration and Case Supervision
with Jai, Emetchi & Pierre

September 25, 2021 - 11 am-12:30 pm PST
October 22, 2021 - 7 pm-8:30 pm PST

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Course Details & Times

September 4, 2021
11 am-2 pm PST

"The Concept of the Dreambody"

Jai Tomlin, PwD, D.C.

This first course in the series introduces the concept of the Dreambody. The intention is to  begin to develop the ability to unfold the meaning behind dreams, body symptoms and patterns in life. This will help you to find your own unique facilitation style. (gifts and talents to enrich your life) In this course you begin to recognize the interconnection between childhood dreams, chronic body symptoms, major life events and life myth or purpose. Techniques explored include gathering sensory grounded information, following signals and unfolding them as a process. The concept of life myth is introduced and explored working with childhood dreams, memories, chronic symptoms, or recurring patterns. The study of one’s life myth may last a lifetime. This course helps you along that pathway. 
Overview, some of the things we cover:
  • Checking on CR aspects of symptoms and medical care.
  • Unfold sensory grounded information in the various channels.
  • Understanding the difference between chronic and acute symptoms.
  • Connecting symptoms with childhood dreams/memories and your life myth or unique leadership style.
  • Working with a symptom to find an ally or helpful message. 
  • Inner Work for self-care.
This course experience includes demonstrations and an exercise to practice the techniques learned. 
About the Instructor: 

Dr. Jai Tomlin is a chiropractic and integrated medicine physician, facilitator, coach and consultant, assisting individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership, embrace change, and transform conflict. Jai is a diplomate of the Process Work Institute of Portland and a member of IAPOP, the International Association of Process Orientated Phycology. Her method and training is deeply rooted in Process Work, or process-oriented psychology, a framework and method for using awareness to facilitate change, develop consciousness, and find creative solutions to psychological and sociological challenges.

September 11, 2021
11 am-2 pm PST:

"Exploring the Life Myth"


This class deepens exploration of the overall meaning and purpose of the Life Myth. We shall specifically unfold the Dreambody connection between body symptoms, night dreams and relationships as well as the get an overview of the connection of these three “dreamdoors” or openings into the unknown, with the other dreamdoors that together compose a person’s Life Myth. 

  • An explanation of why Process Work uses different levels of reality from Everyday consensus level to the Dreaming world of Dreamland and Essence. Examine the centrality of deep democracy as an idea, a core value and as a metaskill.
  • Skill development - double signals and edge work, tuning up our field awareness and developing second attention.
  • Expect some theory and discussion, inner work, demonstration and dyad work. 
About the Instructor:

Emetchi is a certified Somatic Psychotherapist [Australia] and ProcessWork Diplomate [USA] who for the past few decades has been working with various impacts of traumatic experience. Once a regular traveling teacher and trainer, these days, Emetchi maintains a global therapy, supervision & consultation practice online, supplemented with streetwork and training workshops for small change-focused groups, organizations and communities.

Emetchi very much enjoys doing Dreambody medicine because she likes being in a team that rolls well together and  enjoys the nourishing sense of community that attendees co-create. She considers it a fine privilege to share how this methodology alleviates suffering, unfolds meaning and purpose and tunes us all into something bigger than our learned limitations.

September 18, 2021
11 am-2 pm PST

"Dreambody in

Pierre Morin PwD, Ph.D.

From a Dreambody Medicine perspective the focus is less on health in the conventional sense (small health) and more on Process and what I call Big Health. Community contexts and dynamics co-create our body experiences and make some of us sick. In addition, conventional thoughts about health add a layer of sickness by out casting sickness. We will explore the many forces that influence our health and the underlying intelligence or Process Mind as a way to access our innate whole health or Big Health.
Skills and activities:

  • World work concepts that apply to Dreambody Medicine
  • Inner work for accessing Process Mind and Big Health
  • Exploring the social determinants and systemic discrimination that impact our health.
About the Instructor: 

Pierre Morin MD, PhD, currently works as clinical director and supervisor with refugees and trauma survivors in a community outpatient mental health setting, in Portland Oregon. As a physician in Switzerland he worked in the fields of brain injury recovery and psychosocial medicine. He is a co-author of Inside Coma, author of Health in Sickness and Sickness in Health, Big Medicine: Transforming Your Relationship with Your Body, Health, and Community and has written numerous articles on mind-body medicine and community health. He is an international coach and trainer and the current co-president of the international association of process-oriented psychology (IAPOP).

October 2, 2021
11 am-2 pm PST:

Integration and Case Supervision

Jai, Emetchi & Pierre

In this class we will follow the Tao and respond to the needs of the group. There will be time for integration, practice, supervision and to answer questions about self or others you are working with.

All Are Welcome
No Prior Training Required 

Anyone with an interest in health and medicine, helping themselves
and caring for others are welcome and encouraged to attend.

- In-home care providers
- Medical professionals
- Family members
- Anyone looking to understand and explore their body symptoms
and the connection to their life purpose

The Dreambody Courses and Forums are intended to accompany, not supplant or replace, the participant’s medical or psychological treatment for their illness. The forums are an educational experience, intended to enhance personal growth. We encourage participants to attend these seminars with their physician’s or therapist’s approval.

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Take Your Understanding of Dreaming
and Your Body to the Next Level

The 2021 Dreambody In-Depth Course
Starts September 4, 2021

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Financial Equity
PWI recognizes the global financial disparities that unequally impact people's opportunities to participate. PWI offers equity options whenever possible.

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Important Participation Information

Privacy & Recordings

Workshops are recorded to provide on demand access and the opportunity to review and study deeply over time.   Please be aware that workshops are recorded (except for break out groups). If you speak or show your camera, you will become part of the limited time recording, available to other enrolled participants  via the course site. Course site and workshop recordings available until 30 days after course is completed.


This course is a confidential, adult learning environment. Participant privacy and confidentiality is extremely important for everyone's safety and learning. Please ensure that you keep other participant's personal information private and confidential and do not share identifying details beyond the course participant group. 

Experiential Training

This course is a confidential, adult learning environment focused on personal and community transformation. The activities may elicit emotional and psychological stress. If you have experienced psychological difficulties either in the past or present that may impact your participation, please consider carefully if this event is right for you. While all care is taken to support individuals, each person is responsible for their own needs and boundaries. By registering for the course, you agree to take personal responsibility for your experience and to seek out support if you need it. 

English Language

This course is presented in English with an awareness and sensitivity to the experience of those for whom English may be a second (or third or fourth) language. We welcome a multilingual group and ask for shared awareness of the challenges of using English when it is a second language. Participants should ensure they are comfortable with their own level of understanding of English conversation and instruction.